Knives - Damascus Steel & Other Custom Creations

Most of our Damascus steel knives are directly imported by us from the Iqbal Factory in Wirzabad, Pakistan ... the Damascus steel capital of the world for years and years.  We have gotten to know Awais Ahmad Iqbal as an honest and dedicated knife maker.  In all our transactions, we have gotten exactly what we expected ... first quality steel and workmanship at a very reasonable price.  We import very little ... but these knives are a superior product and a very good price.

We also have a few of Charles Sinclair's American made Damascus steel knives, none are on the website.  Prices on Charles's incredible fixed blade knives, all with custom sheaths, start at $495 and run up to about $900.  We can certainly get you photo's if you are interested.  Just call 915-247-6601 and we can talk about it.

The "Cody" knives are also from Charles Sinclair ... but not Damascus steel

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