Very special bison robe


Light blond bison hide. 

It's not white; it's not yellow.    It is all tans, blonds and browns.


We were able to gather 3 of these hides from the  December 2015 harvest (there were 9 of them processed at this one plant), and have them tanned - garment tanned - at Moyle Mink and Tanning in Heyburn Idaho.  They are pretty rare and very special .. and just plain pretty.  We just got them back this April.

Long, thick and soft.  No black anywhere on this hide.  Accented brown in the mane and chap.            

Whether for display or to have turned into a full length bison coat or vest (we can work with you to get that done with one of our multiple fur designers) this is a crowd stopper.

We have been known to send things like this to you "for approval" so you can sink your hands into this special bison hide.


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