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Some things just fall into your lap.  That is pretty much what Stanley did this June.  Fathers Day - Sunday, June 18th - Stanley B ... an affable grandfatherly fourth generation Texas comes into our Herd Wear Retail Store.

With him are some of his excellently crafted bison leather and veg tanned bridle leather bags - gun cases - men's shave kits and more.  Wow.

So here it the deal.  We have only a few pieces; we have placed a good size order ... but delivery will not be until September (and maybe even October).   Place your order now; put up a $25 deposit per piece and we all let Stanley work his creative magic.  He is the real deal; he has been designing and manufacturing "products" from South Texas for over 50 years.  He does know how to get it done.

In all the bison leather goods we have seen (and many we have sold and use personally), these are the very best quality and value I have personally ever seen.  He has these deliberately under priced to be able to get his volume back up.

This is a "win-win" for us all.  Any questions, call Darlene or Cecil at 915-247-6601

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