Rugs, Placemats, & Table Runners

Well ... our dear friend and former owner of Ingrid's Handwovens, Reinhardt S., retired and sold the weaving shop.  The new owners have big shoes to fill ... and are moving as fast as they can.  However, we are very low on rug, table runner and saddle pad inventory; lower than we have ever been.

Darlene has been working with the new owners on both custom orders and to restock the store.  For the moment we have just taken all the inventory off line to avoid any disappointment.  Want rugs, saddle pads or table runners from our bison fiber?  Just call Darlene at 915-247-6601.  She can both assist; let you know pricing and get you a delivery date.

Great products and we are very fortunate to be able to continue with them ... just at a bit of a slower pace.

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