Ladies Bed/Slipper Socks

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SO SORRY ... WE ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF THESE WONDERFUL SOCKS ..... and cannot get any more made at the original factory.

We are working on a replacement .... the B.O.S.S. sock ... our bison/merino/bamboo is the closest one we have been able to create to day, but we will keep working to get this replaced.

Finally: the bison down blend Bed Sock. Warmth without weight; comfort without restricting circulation. Your own body heat held where it belongs by some of nature's finest insulation. The sock slips gently over the ankle with a rolled top and no restricting elastic. The entire sock is knit in a terry loop. Wait 'til you slip into the result!

Over the years, I had come to think that women got into bed with men primarily to keep their feet warm at night. Now, I don't want to upset the balance of nature, but these little puppy warmers were our attempt to both capitalize on this observation, and help equal out this inequity of life.

We asked one of the world's most innovative yarn mills to blend our Buffalo Gold bison down with first quality Tibetan yak undercoat, adding just a bit of their own trademarked Polyamide Primaloft™. Yak is similar to bison in its insulating qualities and fiber structure, and the two blend beautifully together. And they weigh in at just over an ounce apiece.

Marc Cabot of Cabot Hosiery and Darn Tough in Northfield, Vermont, helped create this sock at his amazing state-of-the-art hosiery plant. When Marc suggested an over-plating of nylon on the foot bed, we jumped (pun intended) at his suggestion.

Available in ladies large only - that is a size 8-11 (small and medium SOLD OUT). They are machine washable on gentle cycle. Where you wear it and whomever you wear it with is your business. Giving you the best bison can offer is ours.  As with all our Buffalo Gold "Herd Wear" products, if you are not happy, just send them back for a refund. Life it too short not to be happy. Made in the USA.

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