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The current Covid-19 concerns and actions

The Goodnight store will be re-opening in accord with the official State of Texas guidelines.  We are allowing people who come by, assuming we all feel comfortable, to come in, put on disposable gloves (and a mask if they have one) to buy bison meat and jar goods in the front of the store.

While we probably could have stayed open as "essential" - we sell meat and some grocery products, we stayed closed these past roughly 4 weeks just to be sure things would turn around.  As we all know, within limits, they have.  No cases of Covid-19 anywhere around Goodnight ... and no one feeling even like they might have it.  That said, we have had a couple dozen visitors through the store over that period

We also put on gloves; we wipe down the door handles of the store and meat cases with sanitizer and disposable wipes, maintain distance and so far, no one has coughed or sneezed.  

We want to be responsible and are trying to stay current with advise, both from our physician friends (we have some great ones!) and the "official" advise from local, state and national sources.  

With orders we ship, we do use gloves and are minimizing the use of "recycled" packing (that is a pity, though). 

We will do whatever we can to help you, our loyal friends and customers; call us with needs and concerns ... and stay safe!