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Casual Crew 2.0 - Bison, Bamboo, Merino


This is the latest "new" sock from THE BUFFALO WOOL CO... my daughter-in-law Theresa and son Ron's company.  We have turned over almost all of the production to them ... so get use to seeing the BWC brand here on our site and in the Herd Wear Retail stores.  And we all collaborate on products so we have 4 heads worth of thought ... at least!

We've seen and tested the samples; very very nice!  Production is scheduled so that we can have them (hopefully) before the end of September.... possibly sooner,

This sock yarn is absolutely fantastic.  They did their shortie/running/athletic sock .. the B.O.S.S. (Best Overall Short Sock) with this yarn about a year ago and it tests/works/runs/wears/washes ... all in the spectacular range!

Still knit for us at Fox River Mills in Osage, Iowa.

So now a full standard crew height crew weight year round every day sock of the same yarn.  Dark Charcoal Grey - small, medium, large or XL