They Are Here!! ... The

They Are Here!! ... The "Herd Wear" Bison Leather Medium sole Chukka

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The "Herd Wear" bison chukka boot, made for us ... from our leather, by the wonderful craftsmen and women at Footskins of Minnesota.

Wow.  We've been working for years trying to find the right bison leather chukka boot .. not too stiff, not too tall or short, not way too expensive.  This one just nails it!

Butter soft American tanned bison from our good friends at American Elk and Deer; 4 eyelet;  7" tall;  hand whipped external toe seamFull two layers of bison, so it is both bison outside and bison lined (but the lining is the same thickness as the outer layer for even more durability and support); medium Neolite out-sole, Sorbathane insole, leather lacing.

The boot in the picture is the demo pair that I have been wearing for about 16 weeks .. and I just love them!  Plenty of support for both the ankle and foot, even thought this is a true moccasin - no shank or stiffener along the foot bed.   It comes in whole sizes only, which has not been a problem with Footskins products at all.  But just in case, we have made arrangements to do custom boots to your foot tracing. The instructions for custom boots and how to trace/measure are now under a link on the home page of our website.  Look for "Custom Chukka Measurement Page" .. and just click that link  So, if you need it wider, or to fit around a bunion or other foot "uniqueness", no problem.  Please feel free to give us a call to assist if you need.


Black first and now in stock- JUST 12 PAIR TOTAL AT THE MOMENT.  We added a nice wide finger loop on the back of these, and will have it on all future pairs.

Footskins has now started on Tobacco (the boot color in the picture).  They will be in by December 1, then Mahogany (the reddish color in the photo) and last Chocolate (dark) Brown.  However, if you custom order, we will get your boot CUSTOM MADE and to you will be able to select any of the 4 colors and have your boots within 30 days of our getting the foot tracings and photos.

In addition, we will gladly send you a pair of these in the size you request just to try for size.  If that happens to be the color you want, then they are yours. .. but we always want to be sure size is proper.  If you want a different color, you will get yours just as soon as they are made.

Call if there are any questions ... or even to order by phone ... 915-247-6601