Coffee Mug Goodnight Buffalo Ranch 1905

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Cecil has started using some of his huge collection of 100 plus year old historic buffalo post cards as the art work on our coffee cups. The first one, The Goodnight Buffalo Ranch - 1905, is already in production.  This is from a hand colored card and it is beautiful, showing some of Goodnight's bison herd and a good portion of the ranch buildings back then.

These 15oz straight wall mugs are produced and printed in the US by Cuppa; are microwave, UV and dishwasher safe.  We've been selling one of their Jack Sorrenson cowboy print mugs now for over a year with great acceptance and success, but this is our first of the buffalo card mugs.

You can also order a frame-able enlarged (8.5" x 11") reproduction of the card if you like at $7.50 with free shipping, but Cecil is not selling any of the original cards ... too hard to come by.

These mugs make great gifts and the collection is going to be another special piece of the history of the American bison .. now officially the American Mammal.