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"Hope for the Future" - Limited Art Print by Jack Sorenson

Availability: translation missing: en.general.icons.icon_check_circle icon Only 8 left!

July 5:  OK ... this has got to be the last entry in this saga.  Jack Sorenson, wonderful man that he is, got us 12 more of these prints, each again hand signed.  3 more sold in the meantime so that there are 9 left as of today.  This really will be it.  The rest of the story is below (for anyone who cares).  

July 2:  Well, I figured it would happen and it did.  "Hope" is sold out.  I have contacted Jack to see if he will allow another 10 prints ... but as of this morning (July 2) I don't have an answer.  IF .... if he does and IF .... if you want one, please call so we can keep track once again.  We are also going to talk to Jack about one other set of two bison paintings that he did; very different from "Hope" ... but very much Jack Sorenson.  The phone is 915-247-6601 (that's 915-Bison-01... but it's much easier to dial with just the numbers, right!)

June 29:  A very limited print from the original art of Jack Sorenson.  16" x 12".  The original has already sold when Jack showed it to me ... but with a lot of pleading and promise he got 10 prints done for us.  These will, in all likelihood, be the only 10.  They are all hand signed.  The two stories it portrays ... that of the mother and young bison and of the adult and young natives are both very compelling ... and very Jack Sorenson.

From his website:  "I think great paintings should tell a story, should involve the viewer. So much of Western Art today depicts a cowboy or Indian riding across a landscape. I think we as Western Artists have the opportunity to do so much more." -Jack

This is exactly that ... so much more of the story and the future of us all!