Original Oil by Texas Legend Doug Prine

Original Oil by Texas Legend Doug Prine

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See the guy in the red trade blanket capote in the lead?  That is how Doug paints Doug into his works.  He really feels like he should have been one of the hide hunters.

This 24" x 48" (size does not include the frame .. but the frame is included in the sale price) work was envisioned when Doug and wife Toni wandered through the Texas State bison herd in Caprock Canyon State Park, on the southern end of the fabled Palo Duro (Spanish for Hard Wood) Canyon ... the second largest natural canyon in the US.  Doug photographed the rugged landscape, and then from his vision brought to life the bison hide wagons of the 1870's as they lumbered their staggering loads of "flint" ... stiff salted ... buffalo hides from the great slaughter to the new railroads that would carry them East.

And where did so many of the hides end up?  They became the leather belting that powered the water mill factories of the industrial revolution ... cotton and textile mills in the south and east;  manufacturing plants of the Midwest.

It all started out on the staked plains ... the Llano Estacado of West Texas and New Mexico.  Just see if this work doesn't take you back there?  Vivid; Historic; Expressive ... and telling the tale of bison.

Doug and Toni have their own western town just outside of Nemo, Texas.  Wonderful folk and one of the worlds most talented and detailed western artists.

We do have more of Doug's Western works .. both originals and giclee prints.  Just give us a call at 915-247-6601 for a catalog or photos