"Paint Me Happy" - Oil Painting By Darlene Wright

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An original oil painting  Darlene created March 2019 at a workshop taught by Jack Sorenson. Darlene photographed this horse on her way to an artists workshop in Dubois, Wyoming, a few years ago as it struck her as an excellent subject for the 4 color technique Jack uses exclusively in his work.  When she had an opportunity to create it with Jack watching on ... well, "Paint Me Happy" is the powerful result.

Limited edition giclees and prints are available,as well as the original painting.

The "raised print" technique is one of the latest ink jet printing techniques, that allows manipulation to just "raise" individual brush strokes ... just as if it were an original.  Very intense; adds a whole dimension to the print.

Art can be sent "on approval" .. as until you have a piece in front