LAST 3!!! Special Bison Hair On Robes - Special Purchase - Limited Quantity

Regular price $1,100.00 $895.00 Sale

I was able to get 10 of these and only 10!  As of this morning, now JUST 3 LEFT!

These are prime winter bison hides, tanned by one of the best ever ....

These are trimmed and any cuts stitched up from the back side.

And I got a "buy"!   So here is the deal; these ARE $1100 to $1500  from the tanner at their store.  These are as fine as any bison robes available... and these are ....

specially priced at $895 including shipping in the US.

My choice ... but if you are not thrilled I will refund the purchase price if you just ship it back.   These will not last!  They are 35 +/- square feet ... about 6 feet long by 6 feet wide.