The "Movie Prop" bison robes/hides

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10/15/19:   Only 1 #1 left.  Still a very good pick on #2 ... next to jump in is sixth to pick with 22 to choose from.  #3 would also be six of 18.  And it is getting closer to when we get the hides back.

9/27/19 (PM) update:  Bad News:  We're just about out of #1 hides!  Only 2 left out of the 11 we had.

Good News!!!  The hides have arrived on the movie set, and the reports I've gotten about the quality is even better than I expect - they can't tell ANY of them apart (except for just a very few).  The #2 and #3 hides are still spectacular Moyle quality.  They (the set and prop people in Santa Fe) are really pleased with the look and feel.

So, Jump on a #2 or #3 and you will have a great selection; but remember... when these are gone it's back to the regular Thousand plus prices.  Cecil

9/24/19 update:  #4's are sold out.  #1's have just a couple left.  Good supply of #2 and #3 hides.  Call me - 817.992.8220 if you would like to get a better idea of what these look like.

These are the garment tanned bison hides/robes that we loaned out to Universal Studios for an upcoming movie.  As soon as I know the name of that movie I will post it and send those of you that bought one of the hides the same information.

In the meantime, if you want a true "deal" on a Moyle tanned bison hide, this is it!

Once we have the hides back in our hands, around the first of December, we will get pictures of each.  First person that buys gets first choice; second person gets second choice ... until they are gone.  If you decide that you don't want any of what we have then, we'll just refund your money, no problem.  But these are all $200 - $600 OFF what they should be,  Exceptional values.

The pictures are what the tannery sent to us as "representative samples" ... and they were part of the lot we bought ... but these are just to give you an idea; not show you the hide you are buying.  Those pictures come later.

And as always, if you get the hide an don't want it, just send it back for an exchange or refund ... no questions asked

Buy now; have them for this winter season.