Special Purchase - Tanned bison robes

Special Purchase - Tanned bison robes

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We got a chance for a special buy on 5 very luxurious hair on bison robes from American Deer and Elk.  They have these tanned at the Moyle Mink tannery ... same place we get ours tanned.  Perfection!

Soft, thick, lush and "oh my!".  For the bed, the couch ... or wrapping up in on the porch or football game; these robes are as good as it gets at a very special price.

When they are gone ... don't be sorry you hesitated.   Like all our products, still $5 flat rate shipping per order.

Individual pictures are now up with each of the robes.   The defects we describe below are "normal" - part of bison being bison .. or the speed with which they are moved through the plants.  We describe them so you know what you are getting.  And if ... after receiving one of these, you are not satisfied ... you send it back and we will refund the purchase price.  We want you satisfied.

1 and 2 are sold.

#3 - 78" x 66" x 46" - slightly asymmetrical at the neck area .. one side longer than the other.   Probably a younger bull.  A rich color and a pretty hide! 

#4 - 80" x 60" x 50" - has a grapefruit size hole on left side of neck, but a truly beautifully natural bison robe.  Thick and kind of curly.  Also most likely a younger bull

#5 - 80" x 62" x 44" - Lots of winter "down" ... the soft grey/brown undercoat that is what we use for our bison fiber products.   This one has one small 2" long scrape about 1 foot above the tail.  Close to unnoticeable when laid out